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Installation Method Of Check Valve

There are many types of check valves on the market, which can be divided into swing check valves, lift check valves, disc check valves, pipeline check valves, compression check valves, and the next small part Just analyze with you one by one, these check valves and their respective installation methods will help everyone to have a deeper impression of the check valves.


The disc of the swing check valve is like a disc, and it can often rotate around the axis of the valve seat channel. Because the channel inside it is streamlined, the resistance it receives during the flow is greater than that of lifting The type of check valve is relatively small and can be used for some fluids with a relatively slow speed. At the same time, it cannot be used for fluids with a relatively fast flow in large-diameter places that do not often change during the flow process. Its sealing performance is not as good as the lift check valve. The swing check valve can be divided into three types: single-leaf, double-leaf and multi-leaf, which are mainly distinguished by the diameter of the valve port. The use of a swing check valve can prevent the medium from stopping to flow, or it can reduce the hydraulic impact of the fluid and lift it when the flow is reversed.

The lift check valve body is a kind of check valve that slides vertically on the center line. The lift check valve can only be installed on a horizontal pipeline. In the small diameter check valve with relatively high pressure, a round ball can be used. The shape of the lift check valve, the shape of the valve body is similar to the cut-off valve we mentioned earlier, so its fluid resistance is relatively large. However, its structure is similar to that of a stop valve. The upper part of the valve flap and the lower part of the valve cover are processed, and there is a guide sleeve valve. The guide tube can perform free lifting movement inside, for example, when the medium flows downstream. , The valve flap can rely on the thrust of the medium to open the valve, and when the medium stops flowing, the valve flap can drop on the valve seat according to its own, and play a role in preventing the medium from flowing backward.

A disc check valve is a check valve in which the disc of the disc revolves around the pin shaft in the valve seat. The disc check valve has a simple structure and can only be installed on a horizontal pipeline, with poor sealing performance. The valve disc of the pipeline check valve slides along the center line of the valve body, but the fluid resistance coefficient is slightly larger than that of the swing check valve. The compression check valve is used as a boiler feed water and steam shut-off valve. It has a comprehensive function of a lift check valve and a stop valve or an angle valve.

Do not allow the check valve to bear weight in the piping system. Large check valves should be independently supported so that they are not affected by the pressure generated by the piping system. When installing, pay attention to the direction of medium flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the valve body. The lift-type vertical flap check valve should be installed on the vertical pipeline. The lift-type horizontal flap check valve should be installed on the horizontal pipeline.

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